Thursday, May 18, 2017


This I know is true: our favorite ice-cold crook is coming back to Legends of Tomorrow.

How do I know? Because of The Flash's excellent Season 3 episode "Infantino Street," where Barry time travels and snatches Leonard Snart out of his mission with the Legends to help him save Iris.

As always, Wentworth Miller is the snarky, delightfully hammy badass we all know and love, and it's an entire episode of Shark Week references and wonderful things like Snart telling Cisco if he saves his life he'll put in a good word for him with Golden Glider. 

They steal the alien power source, escape King Shark, and Barry brings Snart back to 1892 Siberia, where Snart gives him a surprisingly heartfelt pep talk about being a hero. (Did someone say bromance? And, the Coldflash shippers go wild!)

Before he leaves to go back to the present, Barry tells Snart to look after himself. "No strings on me," Snart replies, stabbing all Legends fans directly in the heart.

Barry speeds away, and then it happens: Snart stands there, considering. And as he heads back to the ship, he murmurs, "There are no strings on me...There are no strings on me..."

BOOM. Do you know what this means? The writers heard us. They know we love Captain Cold. And they had him say that line - TWICE - to let us know that he is coming back.

What else confirms this? Legends Season 2 ended with the Legends breaking time - the universe has turned inside out and time is running amok, twisting cities out of shape and rewriting history. This leaves the way open for Snart to find his way back - he died inside the explosion of the Oculus, which was the center of time itself. If time is broken, it's the perfect gateway to set Snart free from wherever he was trapped within the Oculus' remains.

"But that's impossible," you say! "He couldn't have survived the explosion!"

Well, wasn't he just in ARGUS? The facility with the most top-secret, most powerful weapons and tech Planet Earth has ever seen? Would he be Captain Cold if he passed up an opportunity to snatch something along the way? Something to help him survive the death he knows is coming?

My theory: the Legends have ripped open a hole in time, and find Snart in some alternate universe just below ours where the Oculus has kept him trapped. Maybe we'll get hints every few episodes, him appearing for just a second or things moving or disappearing to let us know the existence of this other plane of reality. And then they find him - and at the end of the season he can rejoin the crew of the Waverider, as our Leonard Snart, the hero.

If this is what's happening, Legends of Tomorrow writers, take a bow - I'm so excited for Season 3 and what's in store for us with the return of Leonard Snart!

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Doctor Who: Why I'm For a Female Doctor

It's 2017.
It's time.
Especially in the era of Trump/May, we need her now more than ever.